Kato MY "Nohab"




Looking for a high-quality model train? Check out the Kato Nohab MY, a must-have for any enthusiast. Known for its exceptional power and performance, it handles challenging layouts with ease, delivering smooth, reliable operation.

The Kato Nohab MY stands out with its intricate paintwork and finely crafted parts, making it a true work of art. It's also compatible with various model train accessories, allowing you to expand and customize your layout for a realistic experience.

Built with high-quality materials and advanced engineering, the Kato Nohab MY is incredibly reliable, providing countless hours of operation without breakdowns. It's a worthy investment for years of enjoyment.

At Modeltrainshop, we proudly offer the Kato Nohab MY. With its superior performance, detail, and reliability, it's ideal for both beginners and experienced collectors. Add this remarkable locomotive to your collection today at Modeltrainshop.


ESU sound decoder

LokSound V4.0 European Soundfiles
In the early 1950s swedish NoHAB Corporation had built EMD locos as licence product s for European market. The locos called NoHABs had been used for passenger and freight service in Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Luxemburg and Norway. After exmatriculation at the state railways, many of the locos had been sold to private owners and came e.g. to Germany. The locos are driven by a 16 cyl. 2 stroke diesel engine and reach a maximum speed of 135 km/h.
(the language and the airhorns are selectable via CV 48 (Danmark = 0, Belgium = 1, Sweden =2)