Digital decoders in locomotives and wagons

It is possible to install digital decoders in nearly any train, even if the locomotive was originally analog and not designed for decoders. Most new locomotives now have interfaces for connecting decoders, with the NEM 651 6 PIN and NEM 662/NEXT18 8 PIN interfaces being the most common.

For older locomotives without interfaces, decoders can still be installed, but this may typically require mechanical work and soldering. In many locomotives there might even be space to built in decoder with sound option.

Another option is to replace the locomotive's printed circuit board (PCB) with a new PCB that has the necessary interface. Bo Holmqvist, a fellow member of the train club Jernhesten, has manufactured PCBs for various train models from manufacturers such as Arnold, Fleischmann, Hobbytrain, Kato, Minitrain, Minitrix, and Roco. The link to the page is: 

You can find all the models for which he has made PCBs on his website, which can be easily translated using Google. However, please note that the instruction videos on the website are in Danish. If you want to install the PCB yourself, you can purchase the PCB from Bo Holmqvist or at the Model Train Shop.

It is important to mention that installing decoders or PCBs requires a high level of experience.

If you are interested in converting your locomotive to digital, whether with or without sound, or if you want to replace the PCB with a new one, please don't hesitate to contact me.

PCB for Minitrix DB 103 

Minitrix DB 103 with the new PCB and the decoder inserted